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Fraser Coast’s list of Do’s and Don’ts for Garden Waste Removal, Asbestos Removal and More

Taking Care of the Fraser Coast region

To take care of the Fraser Coast region, it’s important that you dispose of your waste properly. That’s why we have compiled a helpful list of do’s and don’ts that our customers can follow. These apply to a variety of circumstances including the correct removal of your waste, mixing types of waste and how much rubbish to load into the skip bins. By following these simple guidelines you will be able to take care of your environment and best use your skip. For further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team. 
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Tips and Advice

The team at Ezy Clean Skips have been involved in the waste and recycling industry for a long time and have a bunch of useful tips to help you save money and the environment! We can provide separate bins for recycling and waste or give you helpful advice on loading the bin to aid the recycling process and to prove we love recycling we’ll give you a nice discount off your bin! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

• What can I put in the bin?
What can be put in the bin depends on what you hired the bin for. General waste, Green waste, Brick and concrete rubble or Building and construction waste. Please refer to the pricing page for information on what type of bin you require or call our staff on 0429616448 for the best advice!

• How long can I keep the bin?
Generally the hire period is for 7 days or 3 days if you are taking advantage of our 3 day hire special, however if you require longer feel free to ask our staff when you hire the bin and we are more than happy to leave the bin for a couple of extra days at no extra cost! If during the hire period you find you may need a few extra days to finish with the bin then call us before the bin is due for pick up and we can arrange to delay the pickup at no extra cost ( we understand that things don’t always go to plan) Also if you are finished with the bin early and would like it gone just give us a call on 0429616448 and we will get there as soon as we can to remove the bin! Long hire periods are available, talk to our booking staff for the best long hire rates!!

• Where can we put the bin?  
According to local council regulations we are required to place the bin within your property boundry. You can obtain a permit for council to have the bin outside this area i.e. on the nature strip or on the street, however be aware that bins in these areas tend to be used by the whole neighbourhood as a free bin and any damage to the bin will be worn by the hirer.
 We find that driveways or lawns are generally best and if you are concerned about the surface of the driveway or grass we can arrange for timber blocks to be placed under the bin, just be sure to let us know when booking the bin! We will try to get the bin where you need it however we will have the final decision as to where the bin can be delivered safely and without damage to our trucks or bins! If you are unsure we offer a free site inspection, call 0429616448

• How and when do I pay for the bin?
As a rule we collect payment when the bin is delivered or before however if you need to make special arrangements for payment call us on 0429616448. The bin will not be collected unless it has been paid for in full. If payment is not made in a timely manner we reserve the right to empty the bin on site and remove it. Payment can be made via Direct debit, eftpos (please organise for driver to bring terminal) and cash. Please call to organise any account applications.

• How much notice do I need to hire a bin?
On the day can be done or the day before is usually plenty of time, for some outer areas we may need an extra day to plan it out plus as we work 7 days we’re there when you need us!

Things to Consider 

Here are some things to keep in mind when hiring and filling a bin.

If you hired the bin for “green waste” then you are only permitted to put garden vegetation into the bin. (Dirt and rock are not acceptable) If you have machinery like a bobcat loading the bin please be aware that any excess dirt or any rocks will mean the bin is classed as construction waste and charged at the council rates, currently $125 per tonne. 

“General waste” bins are for all household general waste, any chemicals, Paints, Car Batteries should be placed in the bin last so our staff can remove them safely prior to tipping and direct them to the appropriate area for recycling or disposal. Some items like vehicle tyres, Refrigerators and Air conditioners are subject to additional cost at all council disposal sites and as such will attract an additional fee if disposed of in a skip bin. (Please speak to our staff for pricing and advice on these items)  

Brick and concrete rubble bins are available and it is recommended that a specific bin is used for this type of waste as council dumping fees are charged according to weight (Brick concrete and dirt tends to be pretty heavy!)PLUS!!!! We at Ezy Clean recycle all brick, concrete and dirt to produce a re-usable product which is great for driveways, under slabs, Rubble pads on building sites and so on…using these bins allows us to always offer the best value for money skip bin hire in the region!

Building and construction waste bins are used for the building and construction industry including any renovation work for the D.I.Y’ers and can be used for all construction and demolition generated waste (Again we ask for assistance in disposing of any hazardous chemicals or material by notifying staff, so we can dispose of it in a safe manner) We still try to do what we can to recycle anything from these bins so if you want to save $$$$ we can offer a tailored solution for your next building project. Call us for the best advice on being waste wise!

Asbestos! When doing any renovations be aware of the age of the building, if in any doubt please seek professional advice. We are a regulated waste carrier and a licenced to provide skip bins for the purpose of Asbestos disposal. Please call for any advice on the correct disposal procedure and preparation of Asbestos waste!
Hazardous materials, chemicals, Paints or pesticides need to be disposed of in the correct manner, please contact us if you have any queries in relation to safe disposal methods.

PLEASE! Don’t overfill bins!!! Overfull bins are dangerous to load and transport. Items can slide off or fall out of the bin during the loading process putting our staff in danger, We value our drivers safety and that of other road users so if we find a bin loaded above the rim we advise our drivers to remove the items if possible and leave on site or we will contact you to organise a second bin for you to load the items into. You will be required to pay all additional cost for the second bin and additional pick up fees!  

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